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The perfume you wore on your wedding day, the smell of grandma’s soap, or the flowers your first lover gave you: these aromatics trigger powerful memories and moods. When we use aromatics with intention and a mindset focused on presence and pleasure, we open a cabinet of moods for our selection. Let’s use it.

I’ve been captivated by scents ever since I first started working in the fragrance industry almost 25 years ago. The power of aromatics to shift mood, space, and time is a mental health ingredient I will continue to reach for all my life. 

In good times I set a mood with candles, delicious fresh herbs, or a body butter massage. - During my own Mood Swings, aromatics bring me back to my body, to the now, and to the pleasure of the present moment. 

Science supports these experiences with the power of scent. The parts of our brain linked to memory and emotion are located next to our sense of smell and its mental and emotional processing. Because we know that “smells ring bells”, our bodies contain a powerful way to shift our feelings with the use of aromatics. But it’s up to us to use it. 

After earning a degree in psychology, exploring the practice of yoga, and founding the largest lavender field in Ontario, I became determined to find a new way to combine my passion for scents and mental wellness by bringing a line of the highest quality, most natural aromatic products to as many people as possible.

And so, Mood Honey aromatics was born. I hope it brings you the full spectrum of moods a life well-lived can deliver, including joy, love, lust, tranquility, irreverence. Most importantly, I hope each aromatic helps you to savour the pleasure of the present moment.

I’m grateful to be on this journey with you. Now it’s time to find your mood.

Dawn Rebel
Founder & Creative Director
Mood Honey aromatics

Founder & Creative Director
Mood Honey aromatics

Mood Honey aromatics is a line of seven expertly blended aromatics with each ingredient hand-selected to set a specific mood. Each of the seven aromatics touches on a core mood archetype:

ForestMood - A woodsy scent created for grounding and deep peace. 

LustedMood - A true vanilla laced with yummy citrus, created for flirty desire. 

CozyMood - A warm, spicy, scent with notes of roasted coffee. 

MuseMood - A bright citrus for melting into the bliss of an endless summer. 

LoverMood - A deep rose that opens the whole heart. 

HushMood - A cooling, minty, lavender that sets a quiet serenity. 

MagicMood -  A powerful, dark, feminine jasmine that inspires dreaminess. 

Each of our products comes in a luxe aromatic roller oil and other natural aromatic products to maximize your use and enjoyment of each mood you set. 

Each of the seven scents combine the art and science of perfumery: the concept of an “accord” that creates well-balanced aromatics. Much like music, the harmony found in our aromatics is created through a complementary mix of notes that we hope strikes a chord with you.

The top note of each aromatic is typically light, bright, usually citrusy, and often the first thing you smell.

The middle note, or heart, of each aromatic is the star of the scent. This note defines whether you call something “floral,” “fruity,” “woody,” or “spicy”.

base note is the longest lasting element within a fragrance and remains when the perfume has fully settled on the skin.

Mood Honey uses the highest quality natural ingredients to create our products. Essential oils, oleoresins, butters, and natural waxes are selected to bring you a product that is as close to nature as we can make it. No fragrance oils. No “perfumes.” We think this approach is simply good mood-making.

What’s your mood?  Mood Swings gives an authentic peek into the rich inner lives of candid women. Their highs, their lows, their best and worst days, and the everyday choices that help set the moods that nurture their lives.


We care about your mood and about supporting front line mental health work. That’s why Mood Honey aromatics donates a portion of its sales each year to the Women’s College Hospital Foundation’s mental health program.

Women’s College Hospital is uniquely focused on the impact of sex and gender on mental health issues and has a dedicated reproductive life cycle program that supports girls and women through menstruation, to pregnancy, and menopause. If their work moves you to action. you can donate through the link below.